As we all know, each season of American Horror Story is based on a different type of horror story, with all new characters.  However, one of my favorite decisions that the show runners have made (which I was actually dreading at first), is bringing back the actresses/actors to play different characters.  Not all of he actors/actresses have returned, but there are a few that I am THRILLED about.  *** PLEASE NOTE – IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED SEASON 1 OR 2 OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY, THERE ARE MANY MANY SPOILERS (ACTUALLY EVERYTHING IS BASICALLY A SPOILER) IN MY LIST BELOW.. DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED WITH REGARDS TO THE FIRST TWO SEASONS!!

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange played Constance Langdon, a conniving, selfish, mean, appalling, racist, judgmental, nosy thief and neighbor in Season One of American Horror Story.  Her character was one you loved to hate and she played it brilliantly.  As the prior owner of murder house, she had schemed  in her past to get back into the house.  When the Harmon’s moved in, she didnt think anything of it to just walk right into their house without even meeting them yet.  She absolutely HANDS DOWN made this season FANTASTIC.

She played Sister Jude in Season 2 Asylum.  Sister Jude was a nun with a torrid past.  She was ridden with guilt over something she thought she did.  In the first half of the season, she was nasty and scary and every other terrible stereotype that you have heard about mean nuns.  The woman had a bureau FULL of whips, each whip bigger and bigger.  The punishments that she gave her patients/wards were just unthinkable.  But the second half of the season, after being committed herself, she redeemed herself, and had one of the most sweetest send offs (death) I have ever seen in any show.  Although it took awhile for her to get to a good place, cause you know chasing kids with brooms these days could be considered abuse, she learned to love again and actually became a sort of foster grandmother for Kit’s children, who absolutely adored her.  The scene where she says goodbye to them in bed was so heartwarming and I cried every time I re-watched it.  Kudos to Jessica Lange for being such a fantastic actress.  She truly does deserve every award she is nominated for.  I cannot wait to see what this season brings for her!!

Dennis O’Hare

Oh my so very missed Russell Edgington.. Wait, wrong show.. :)  Dennis O’Hare played a character by the name of Larry Harvey.  Larry Harvey was severely burned in a fire while he resided at Murder House.  We spend a lot of the season believing that Larry started the fire and killed his family, but it turns out, he was cheating on his wife with Constance (who was only with him because she wanted back in the house), and when he tells his wife he wants her to leave because he loves Constance, his wife is who sets the room with her and her children inside on fire.  He is a bit of a creepy creeperton, but I always felt so bad for him because of he way Constance treated him.  He would have done anything for her, but he disgusted her.

Unfortunately, Dennis O’Hare was not in Season 2 of American Horror Story, and I’m assuming it is because he was back as Russell Edgingon on True Blood Season 5, which aired that same year.  He is an INCREDIBLE actor, and the man can play evil better then the devil can!! Cannot wait to see the type of character he is playing this season, and like I said in one of my previous posts, I am really hoping he plays the husband of Kathy Bates’s character.  That would seriously make my year!

Lilly Rabe

OMG I love this actress.  What she did with the character of Sister Mary Eunice was AMAZING.  But lets start with her Season 1 Character, Nora Montgomery.  Nora was the wife of a doctor, Charles Montgomery, and former owner of the Murder House.  Doctor Montgomery would give patients illegal abortions, and one of the patient’s boyfriend/husband didnt take to well, and decided to kidnap and kill their baby boy Thaddeus.  The baby is found, dismembered, and the police bring the box of the baby parts to the Montgomery home (I guess that’s how they used to do it back then!?!)  Dr. Montgomery spends a lot of time sewing the baby’s body parts together, and is actually successful at bringing him back to life.  Although he now not only resembled a monster, he pretty much became one.

One night, as Nora attempted to feed the newly sewn baby, the baby attacks her.  She decides to kill her husband and then kill herself.  She then spends eternity in Murder House, looking for her baby, crying to anyone who will listen.  She ends up getting a bit of a happy ending at the end of the season.

In Season 2, she played Sister Mary Eunice, a sweet innocent nun who ends up getting possessed by the devil.  And let the INCREDIBLE acting begin.  This part was ABSOLUTELY HANDS DOWN made for her, and she was BY FAR my favorite character of the season.  Her lines, her evilness, omg it was just incredibly brilliant!!!  She meets her demise by the Monsignor in one of the most beautiful death scenes EVER (her floating down that staircase and the look in her eyes where you know she is back so the sweet Sister).  WOW WOW WOW.. She was FABULOUS in this season.

I only hope and pray that her part this season is MUCH bigger than it was in Season 1 and even bigger that it was in Season 2.  I absolutely love this actress!

Jamie Brewer

Jamie Brewer played Adelaide Langdon in Season 1.  As an actress with down syndrome, she took her part and gave it EVERYTHING.  I have so much respect for this actress.  Her character was the daughter of Constance.  Constance would constantly call her daughter names, lock her in a closed filled with mirrors so all she could do was stare at herself.  Addie wanted to be a pretty girl for Halloween, and Constance told her she would never be a pretty girl and that she could dress up as Snoopy (seriously).  Addie is Snoopy every year and she throws a hissy fit, rightfully so.  Constance then kind of feels bad and surprises Addie by telling her she could be a pretty girl for Halloween, but in a back handed sort of way, then pulls out a mask of a pretty face and makes Addie wear that.. Holy heartbreaking.  But Addie is so incredibly thrilled, and goes trick or treating, trying to hang with the cool kids, when she gets hit by a car and dies.  The ENTIRE rest of the season I hoped Addie would come back, that she would be a ghost in murder house, but to my sadness, she did no return.

“You’re gonna regret it, you’re gonna regret it”.

I can only hope that this Season she is on until the end.  She deserves it :)

Evan Peters

I am not one of the girls who thinks Evan Peters is the best thing since sliced bread (we all know I think that about Alexander Skarsgard).  However, I really like this actor.  In season 1, he played Tate Langdon, Constance’s son.  It took a few episodes to find out he was Constance’s son, and also that he was dead and living as a ghost in Murder House.  He fell in love with Violet Harmon (daughter of the new owners of Murder House), but when Violet finds out that Tate is Rubber Man and raped her mother to get her pregnant so he could steal her baby to give to Nora Montgomery’s ghost, she cut his ass off.  He was a crazy psycho and I loved it!!!  He had some awesome lines that season while in his therapy sessions with Ben Harmon.

Season 2 he played Kit Walker.  Kit was placed in Briar Cliff after being accused of murdering his wife.  Kit’s story was that he was abducted by aliens.  Kit had a very rough time over at Briar Cliff, but he was such a good man in his heart, that he went back to save his abusive nun warden Sister Jude and brought her home to live with him and his children.  He spent her remaining days by her side, showing her love and compassion, even though she never ever showed him anything of the sort.

His character on Season 3 is rumored to be interested in Taissa Farmiga’s character, which is to make the fan girls of season 1 happy.  Should be interesting considering his real life girlfriend (and abuser??) Emma Roberts is also in this Season.  ** Side Note – I referred to her as “abuser” because of the recent domestic violent complaints he made against her a few months back.  Who knows what happened that night, but as far as I know, they are still together.

I plan on doing another post about which actors/actresses I wish they would bring back, but maybe tomorrow.  I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, so hopefully I will get to it sometime in the evening.

So what do you think? Who are you favorites that are returning this season and why?

  1. I am getting so excited about this season!!

  2. Lisarose96 says:

    So excited for the new season!! Love love love the idea of blending history into fictional stories; keeps us all on our toes trying to separate the two!

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